Our Philosophy

The cornerstone of our client’s success has always been in building a relationship in which we obtain complete understanding of our clients and what they want to accomplish. With these understandings, we are then able to successfully provide advice, services, and resources that our clients need and want.

Our relationships with our individual clients start with a broad-based financial plan that directly corresponds with their goals, objectives, and long-term financial aspirations. We believe that knowing where one wants to go and knowing how to get there matters. We know good planning must include both assessment and implementation, including:

  • Strategies designed to maximize the value of executive and company benefits plans integrated with assets held outside of the company.
  • Addressing various “What If” scenarios for clients approaching retirement, whether planned or as a result of corporate restructuring;
  • Asset distribution plans that sequence distributions to help minimize taxes; and
  • Establishing and coordinating investment, tax planning, and estate planning strategies

For business clients, we typically begin our relationship by addressing pressing needs through a consultative approach (for example, the business’s retirement plan).

  • As our relationship builds, we can assist the business owner in establishing an employee benefits strategy along with a personal financial planning strategy where the business is usually an asset.
  • We can assist with implementing both the business and personal plans, maintaining coordination between the two plans to focus on achieving the business owner’s personal goals.

We believe in building long-term relationships that are based on trust, integrity, objectivity, and independence. Our clients expect us to be informative, help them understand their options, and make good decisions.  We regularly communicate with clients through scheduled reviews.

Our due-diligence process is designed to help ensure our clients planning and investment strategy stays on track and we make recommendations as market, economic, and personal circumstances warrant.

Our clients are well served by the firm we built. Our partners and professional staff all know our clients and their unique situations and possess the experience and knowledge to support our clients’ needs.

Michael GainerOur Philosophy