What Our Clients Can Expect

  • Strong Working Relationship

    Your IFS-professional will develop a strong working relationship with you. He will oversee the relationship, plan assessment and implementation, and investments for each client. He will navigate and coordinate our internal work with IFS staff and our service partners for you.

  • Long-term Relationship Focused

    We will devote the time necessary to establish and build a successful long-term relationship focused on you (and your firm) as a client and your goals, objectives, and concerns. We understand that it is our responsibility to earn your trust. Our integrity, objectivity, transparency, and independence are on-the-line with every client.

  • Client-Centered

    You can expect that our firm will be client-centered; our team of professionals will all be available to respond to your needs. IFS partners, staff members, processes, and technology are all engaged to be of service. We consider it our responsibility to be responsive and accountable to you for issues associated with your financial planning, investments, and servicing needs.

  • Our Promise

    Our promise is to work hard and do our best to develop and execute your financial plan and investment strategy with you. We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Broad-Based Financial Plan


Integrated Financial Strategies, Inc. (IFS) client relationships will begin with a broad-based financial plan comprising an initial assessment and an implementation plan.

For our individual clients – Our planning process creates a road map to help them achieve long-term personal and family goals, including investment strategy and asset allocation, risk-management (insurance), executive and company benefit utilization, tax-aware asset distribution strategy, and estate planning strategies.

For our business clients – Our planning process typically starts with what is important to the firm in employee retirement and/or benefits planning. Over time, the planning frequently begins to coordinate the business owner’s business planning with the personal planning (as described above).

Regularly Monitor


We will regularly monitor your financial and implementation plans, provide periodic updates and analysis, work with you closely on implementation steps, and provide due-diligence reviews of your investment portfolios to assure that your investment strategy is intact. We will recommend modifications when needed to keep you on course.

Investment Assets


Our investment program is structured for your serious money; the investment assets you will use to work towards achieving your goals. You can expect our investment advice to be disciplined and consistent and be grounded in academic research. We will address risk in advance by developing a durable investment strategy with you that is intended to see you through up and down markets and structured with an understanding of the dimensions of expected returns. Lastly, we will coach you through those times when you may become fearful in down markets (or greedy in up markets) in an effort to help you maintain your strategy.



We’re dedicated to communicating with you regularly in face-to-face meetings and scheduled review calls. We will provide ongoing market and economic updates with our monthly commentary. We will spend time with you to provide information and education on financial planning and investment topics and issues as well as provide you with supporting research.

Michael GainerWhat Our Clients Can Expect